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Web Designer based in Orland Park

If you don’t update your site it becomes stale and then people lose interest.

Listen and learn

Part of your team

Hi, my name is Tom Baxter, and I’m a web designer in Orland Park, IL. I have designed for clients such as Discover, GE, Morgan Stanley as well as many small to medium size businesses in the Chicagoland area, and nationwide. My fundamental approach to clients is to listen and learn about what business problems they have and then formulate a solution. I like my clients to think that I’m an extension of their team. Let’s work together to build a great website for your business. Hire Me!

Useful design

Website Design that's built to evolve

If your site isn’t evolving then it’s getting old. When I build sites for clients, I build them so they can be updated with the future in mind. 

Creative in all aspects

I have the talents to not only design and build the best website for your business, but to also think creatively to solve problems.  This is the reason why I meet with clients. I need to understand what particular problem(s) they are facing so I can come up with solution(s) to implement on their websites. This level of creativity is what goes into every site, and it doesn’t stop after the site launch. 

While some people just build websites, they fail to communicate with their clients. They simply design the site, hand it off, and you never hear from them again. My services go beyond that and you will have ongoing contact with me to make sure your site is progressing and meeting your expectations. I also offer WordPress Maintenance to keep your site in top shape. Think of me as being part of your team!

Web Designer in Orland Park

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