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Does your Chicago area business need an all-in-one solution for website design? I’m a locally based web designer in the southwest suburbs. I offer professional WordPress web design, development, hosting and maintenance. I’m here to help you with the best Chicago website design

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Chicago Website Design Services

Your business deserves the best, most reliable, SEO and mobile-friendly Chicago website design. I design and build responsive websites that will look great on any screen size. 

WordPress Design

Versatile Web Design

I specialize in designing and developing responsive websites using WordPress. WordPress powers over 33% of the websites in the world. It’s extremely versatile and adaptable to your business's future needs.

Website Hosting

Cloud Based Hosting

Need a fast hosting solution? I can host your site on my server! This is a perfect solution for many small to medium size businesses who don’t want to manage their own hosting service.

WordPress Care

Managed WordPress

Keep your website up-to-date with my WordPress maintenance care plan. I’ll update your site’s plugins, theme and software to keep your site running smooth.


Search Engine Optimization

I’ll find the relevant keywords to optimize your site for better search results. Adding the right keywords to the webpage copy and images will help people find your business on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Why You Should Update Your Chicago Website Design Regularly

Chicago Website Design UpdateWebsites are an integral part of every business. Your site serves as a central part of all your marketing efforts. In fact, modern websites need to be constantly evolving to meet new technologies and trends. In doing so your site will stay relevant and fresh. 

If your Chicago website design is older than 3 years, there’s a good chance it’s outdated. Consequently it might not be mobile-friendly, unsecure, and frustrating for users to navigate. Additionally, if you haven’t added any fresh content it will appear stale. In fact, all these factors can affect your website’s rankings in search results.

For example, take a look at a competitor’s website. First, is it modern? Second, is it mobile friendly? Third, is it secure with a green padlock next to the site address? Fourth, does their website have a feature that your website doesn’t? Finally, compare it to your website. 

Which site would be more appealing to a new customer? Of course they will head over to your competitor’s website. Specifically because it’s modern, updated, and responsive to mobile devices. Now do you see the benefit of having an updated website design? 

To summarize, websites should be designed and built to evolve. Changing technologies can truly bring new features to help you and your customers. Indeed, your site shouldn’t be sitting on the web collecting virtual dust. Having a professional freelance web designer that specifically understands all this will help your business website grow!

In conclusion, if you need a Chicago website design update please contact me. Additionally, if you need a professional website for a new business, please reach out to me. I’m ready to help your Chicago area business by providing you the best Chicago website design services!

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Website Design Projects

Here’s some websites I have designed for clients. You can view more of my design work on my portfolio page. If your business needs assistance with web design or graphic design, please contact me. Please be sure to view my LinkedIn Profile to see my professional history and glowing reviews!